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What you should know:


Health & Entry

Regulations are subject to change and our clients are responsible for complying with entry and health requirements for all the countries they visit. We recommend that you consult your doctor before booking and refer to the latest DoH leaflet “Health Advise for Travelers”. Stomach upsets are a fairly common occurrence when travelling overseas. We strongly recommend that you ask your local pharmacist or medical practitioner for advice on medicines to take with you, and that you only drink bottled water whilst on holiday.


Local Time

The time difference between Egypt and UK (GMT) is plus 1 hours in both summer and winter (Except for difference in daylight saving time changes).


Medical Care

Medical care is widely available in Egypt. Hotel doctors in tourist areas speak English and are available on call. The provision of medicines is subject to state control, and the level of professional care can be compared with Central European standards.


Money & Exchange

1 Egyptian pound (LE) = 100 piasters. Exchange rate 1 euro = approx. 9 LE. There are no limits on the import of foreign currencies. Money can be officially changed at major commercial banks and in the hotels.


Mobile phones

Your provider will inform you of the charges and availability of signals. Network coverage in tourist centers is good, although you may have some problems getting a signal in the more secluded areas.



The main religion in Egypt is Islam. The second largest religion is Coptic Christianity. Ramadan is the Holy month. Fasting starts before sunrise and ends at sunset. Those observing Ramadan may not consume any food or drink during this period. As the Islamic calendar differs from the Christian one, Ramadan always takes place at different times of the year.


Dress Code

Most 3, 4 and 5 star hotels enforce a minimum dress code for dining in the restaurants in the evenings. In effect, this means no jeans, no shorts, no trainers and no swimwear for both men and women. This in only guidance and requirements may vary between hotels, therefore it is advisable to check on arrival at your chosen hotel.



The official language is Arabic. The major foreign languages spoken are English, French and German.



In hotels or on the cruisers 220V.



Tipping generally known as Baksheesh, is standard practice in Egypt, it is advisable to keep plenty of small change / notes for tipping purposes. The general rule is to tip little and often. You will be expected to tip porters, waiters, pool attendants, barmen, boat crew, coach drivers and taxi drivers, in general anyone who offers you any type of service.


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