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Sharm el Sheikh

A bustling cosmopolitan resort located at the south end of Sinai Peninsula between the Gulf of Suez and gulf of Aqaba offering breathtaking mountainous desert backdrops, sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters with exotic coral reefs to explore.

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Sharm el Sheikh extends for 30km along the Red Sea coast. It is made up of several areas, each with their own distinctive character. Together they combine to offer an eclectic mix of traditional bazaars and coffee shops, gourmet restaurants and trendy bars. Na’ama Bay with it’s golden beach, bars and restaurants is the vibrant heart of the resort. The clifftop hotels of Ras Um El Sid offer stunning views across the Straits of Tiran. El Pasha Bay offers a quieter experience perfect for families. Sharks Bay has bars, cafes and restaurants aplenty, plus the famous Soho Square mall.