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Discover the hotel region sharm el sheikh at the red sea

Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh

A bustling cosmopolitan resort located at the south end of Sinai Peninsula between the Gulf of Suez and gulf of Aqaba offering breathtaking mountainous desert backdrops, sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters with exotic coral reefs to explore.

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The Region: Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh extends for 30km along the Red Sea coast. It is made up of several areas, each with their own distinctive character. Together they combine to offer an eclectic mix of traditional bazaars and coffee shops, gourmet restaurants and trendy bars. Na’ama Bay with its golden beaches, bars and restaurants is the vibrant heart of the resort. The clifftop hotels of Ras Um El Sid offer stunning views across the Straits of Tiran. El Pasha Bay offers a quieter experience perfect for families. Sharks Bay has bars, cafes and restaurants aplenty, plus the famous Soho Square mall.

Visitors can enjoy various activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing and parasailing. The city also offers a wide range of accommodation options, from luxury resorts to affordable hotels to suit the different needs and budgets of travelers. With year-round warm weather and clear skies, Sharm El Sheikh is the perfect getaway for those looking to escape the cold winter months.

In addition to its natural beauty, Sharm El Sheikh is also rich in history and culture. The city is close to several ancient sites such as St. Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai, and the Colored Canyon. Tourists can explore these attractions and learn about the region’s rich cultural heritage. In addition, Sharm El Sheikh is a hub of international cuisine, with restaurants serving a variety of cuisines from all over the world. Overall, Sharm el Sheikh offers the perfect combination of sun, sea, sand, culture and adventure, making it the ideal getaway for travelers looking for an unforgettable and fulfilling holiday experience.

Bustling holiday region sharm el sheikh with all inclusive offers
Sunset in Sharm El Sheikh in the Red Sea Hotels

More sun, more vaction

Egypt is one of the most weather secure holiday destinations worlwide. With 8 – 12 hours of sun all around the year, you have more time to relax by the sea or pool.

Actual weather in Sharm El Sheikh

One of the reasons why Sharm El Sheikh is the ideal holiday destination is due to its steady weather conditions. With around 350 days of sun per year, you have flexibility when planning your holidays at Red Sea Hotels.

Warm temperatures whenever you visit

In Sharm El Sheikh, temperatures hardly fall below 25 degrees which makes it the perfect holiday destination throughout the year. Enjoy more flexibility when planning your holiday knowing that Egypt awaits you with ideal weather conditions.

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Ideal temperatures for holidays in sharm el sheikh egypt

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Red Sea Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is a popular holiday destination on the southern tip of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Known for its crystal clear waters, stunning coral reefs and breathtaking beaches, this coastal town is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and beach lovers.

Discover six unique Red Sea Hotels in the heart of Sharm El Sheikh – one of Egypt’s most prestigous holiday regions.

Red Sea Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh
Sandy beach at ghazala beach hotel in sharm el sheikh
Sharm El Sheikh
Ghazala Gardens allinclusive resort in sharm el sheikh by red sea hotels
Sharm El Sheikh
Enjoy the private beach directly by the sea at the red sea hotels in sharm el sheikh
Sharm El Sheikh
Sharm Resort allinclusive resort in sharm el sheikh by red sea hotels
Sharm El Sheikh
Siva Sharm allinclusive resort in sharm el sheikh by red sea hotels
Sharm El Sheikh
The Grand Hotel SSH allinclusive resort in sharm el sheikh by red sea hotels